Empowering Female Founders and Funders

Girl Capital is a platform to help educate aspiring female angels and connect women founders with early-stage investors.

angel investing event


Join us for "Angel Investing 101" March 19th at 9am ET.

Are you interested in becoming an angel investor but don't know where to start?

Then this event is for you. Join us for an awesome panel event, March 19th, as we'll unlock the black box of angel investing.

SOLD OUT - Recording to be posted soon!


Our Mission

To create a world where 50% of capital is invested amongst female funders and founders.

It's a fact: women-led businesses face a lack of funding. And only a small percentage of capital invested in companies is made by women. We aim to change the future of funding in three ways:



Help teach women to become angel investors and provide better access to deal flow.


Connect women-owned startups with a network of early-stage investors.


Connect female entrepreneurs and angel investors with each other.


Who Should Join?

While we currently provide a few select benefits for just us ladies, Girl Capital is open to both men and women. After all, real change happens only when we all work together.

Active Investors

If you are an accredited angel investor or VC (male or female), join the network to nominate, and get access to, early-stage funding rounds by women-led companies.

Aspiring Female Angels

If you'd like to learn about angel investing and being prepared to write your first check, sign up for our mailing list to learn about educational events, dinners, resources, and more.

Female Founders

If you are a female founder, list your startup to get exposure to our network of investors. Or, get warm intros to angels and VCs even long before you start raising capital.


Just 2.2% of all venture capital in the U.S. goes to female founders.



Why Join?

We're completely free to join. We believe in building a community that's accessible for all, and that means zero membership fees.



Receive investment opportunities  by women-owned startups

As an accredited angel investor or VC, you'll receive a monthly newsletter of pre-seed or seed stage investment opportunities that have been nominated by Girl Capital members.

If you know of an extraordinary female entrepreneur, refer her and her company to the GC community, connecting her to investors outside her network, instantly.



Learn how to become an angel investor

If the world of angel investing alludes you, you're not alone. Girl Capital set out to uncover the black box of angel investing. Join the network to receive invites to educational events, meet other angel investors in the community, and receive investment opportunities.

If you are an accredited investor today or in the near future, we'll help you get prepared to write your first check.



Feature your startup to connect with early-stage investors 

If you are a female founder or co-founder and are currently raising a pre-seed or seed round (or plan to in the near future), list your startup on the platform to get more exposure to early-stage investors who are fit for you.


In 2017, only 22% of angel investors were women.

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